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Roof Windows

Keylite provide a full range of Roof Windows, including Centre Pivot, Top Hung, Fire Escape, Conservation, Vertical Bi-Lite, Flat Roof System, White Finish and Ridge Roof Windows.

  • Image of a Integral Blind Roof Window

    Integral Blind Roof Window

    The Roof Window… with the blind sealed inside the glass!
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  • Image of a centre pivot roof window

    Centre Pivot

    The Centre Pivot (CP) range is the most commonly specified and versatile of all Keylite Roof Windows.
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  • Image of Fire Escape / Top Hung

    Fire Fire Escape / Top Hung

    The Keylite Fire Escape (FE) roof window opens to 45° in compliance with building regulations and safety standards.
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  • Conservation roof window


    The Keylite Conservation (CW) roof window is designed to accommodate the renovation of traditional buildings.
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  • Vertical Bi-Lite Roof Window

    Vertical Bi-Lite

    Keylite Vertical Bi-Lite (VBL) Roof Windows are the ideal way to maximise the light and ventilation into any room.
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  • Image of Flat Roof System

    Flat Roof System

    Many properties have extensions with flat, or near flat roofs. Keylite has developed a Flat Roof System (FRS) specifically for this application, which allows daylight into the area beneath.
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  • Combi Roof System roof window

    Combi Roof System

    Often a flat roof leaves areas in a room where light cannot fully reach. With a Keylite FRS (Flat Roof System) you can allow light into these areas.
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  • Flat Roof Dome roof window

    Flat Roof Dome

    Keylite Flat Roof Domes (FRD) are thermoformed from triple skin construction. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, with an impact strength 250 times greater than glass.
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  • Flat Roof Apex System roof window

    Flat Roof Apex System

    Keylite Flat Roof Apex System (FRX) creates an enhanced stream of light into the room below.
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  • Image of White Finish roof windows

    White Finish

    The Keylite White Finish (WF) Roof Window is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, or any room prone to smoke, dust or steam. This wipe clean polyurethane painted coating has moisture resistant qualities and requires little or no maintenance.
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  • Image of a Ridge Roof Window

    Ridge Roof Windows

    Keylite Ridge (RD) roof windows may be installed along the roof ridge to maximise light and space at the highest point of the pitched ceiling.Keylite RD roof windows are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.
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  • Glazing Options for Keylite roof window

    Glazing Options

    The Keylite Conservation (CW) roof window is designed to accommodate the renovation of traditional buildings.
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