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A Keylite Sun Lite™ transports natural daylight into areas where conventional pitched or flat roof windows cannot be used.

The highly reflective light tube enables daylight to travel from the roof to an interior space deprived of natural light.

Image of a Fire Escape/Top Hung roof window

Rigid Light Tube System

For optimum performance Keylite’s rigid tube system is made using a hard wearing, mirror finished, polished aluminium tube with 98% reflectance.

Flexi Light Tube System

For versatility Recommended for installations where obstructions within the roof prohibit the use of a rigid system.


Available with a ‘rigid’ or ‘flexible’ light tube, to suit your roof design.

Transforms dark or windowless rooms. Ideal for bathrooms, stairways and corridors.

Saves energy by reducing the use of artificial light.

Reduce the need for additional ceiling fittings by integrating the fluorescent lamp option to any Sun Lite™ rigid system.

The standard Keylite Sun Lite™ includes:

Roof flashing and covering.

Preferred tubing – rigid or flex (rigid recommended).

White ceiling diffuser.

Keylite recommend a minimum 350mm diameter Rigid Light Tube System to achieve 98% reflectance.

Note: When placing your order please specify Tile, Slate or Plain Tile Flashing. If roof void is more than 2m please call the Keylite Technical Team.

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