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Cornafulla National School, Athlone

Cornafulla National School

CORDIL Construction

Project Architects, Dublin

Installation Date
Summer 2010

Products Used
7 sets of Quad Lites, 05 over 04
(all electric with electric integral blinds)
4 sets of Quad Lites 05 over 04
(electric windows – no blinds)
7 no. ECP09G
(electric windows no blinds)
2 no. FRSCP05
(flat roof system, centre pivot)

Initial specification called for electrically operated windows and separate electrically operated blinds. Keylite had previously worked with the builder who introduced us to the architects. We presented the electric integral window to the architect who accepted the window as an ideal product for a school type application.

There are a total of 53 windows

  • 44 no – made up of 7 sets of quad-lites 05 over 04 ( 780 x 1180 over 780 x 980 )
    all electric with elec integral blinds and operating in groups of 4
    and 4 sets of quad- lites 05 over 04 elec windows – no blinds operating in groups of 4


  • 7 no – ECP09G- electric windows, no blinds, operating individually


  • 2 no – FRSCPOS -Flat Roof System Centre Pivot, no electrics


The electrical wiring diagrams and the control for the various windows and groups of windows were bespoke
design by Keylite working in conjunction with the electrical contractor.