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Cranfield, Co.Down

Cranfield, Co. Down

McGaffin Contracts Ltd

Construction Date

Products Used
Apex Roof System including window, upstand & flashings

As this was the first TFRX (Triple Flat Roof Apex) to be installed we insisted that Keylite were present for the installation.

Prior to the visit we advised the builder of the aperture required for this system, then once onsite the complete system was constructed & installed within 1 hour.

  • The system is so simple to install as the timber upstand is delivered as a flat pack which only requires the customer to screw the 4 parts together.


  • The 3 roof window frames are also fixed together which also means that installation is very simple as they only have to be set into place (almost as if you are fitting 1 large window that consists of 3 sashes.)


  • All the flashings for this unit are also designed to suit this system which again makes the installation a very simple process.
It is important to note that these windows all have electric integral blinds & that the 2 centre windows also have a premium electric kit fitted, this again shows that we are able to design bespoke systems for our customers needs.

Also a big sales pitch for this system is THAT KEYLITE ARE THE ONLY ROOF WINDOW SUPPLIER THAT WILL SUPPLY THIS COMPLETE SYSTEM, some other roof window manufacturers only supply single windows & leave the builder to design his own upstand & flashings which can end up with the question- Who covers the guarantee on the windows, upstand & flashings.


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