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Maplefields School, Northamptonshire


Maplefields School, Northamptonshire

Graham Construction

GSS Architecture

Construction Date
August 2010

Products Used
80 no. Keylite CP02 (550 x 980mm)
Split into 40 sets of 2 no. CP02
All with Electric Integral Blinds working off wall switches
Specially designed Electric System to meet schools needs.
New Corrugated Roof Flashing.

The architect in this project had decided to use Keylite Roof Windows to light up the Maplefields School in Northamptonshire. The Keylite team and the architect worked together closely to design the window systems for the building located around 2 domed sections. The architect opted for the combi CP electric integral with a laminated inner pane (for additional security the architect went with the integral blind as it is maintenance free and the windows are located 5m up!).

Keylite designed the electric kits to operate the blinds in banks of up to 10 windows at a time. The roof covering was not a standard tile or slate finish but a special plastic membrane. This is also something we had to factor into the design.

Technical Report

A total of 80 windows split into 40 sets of 2no. CP02 Roof WIndows all with Electric Integral Blinds working off wall switches. These windows are fitted onto a type of curved Flat Roof System with a heat applied membrane along with the new CRF (Corrugated Roof Flashing).

Originally these windows were specified to have electric roller blinds all working off remote controls. after meeting the contractors (onsite we showed them the simplicity of having a wall mounted switch which would operate the windows in groups, these groups could consist of 1, 2, 3, – 10 windows etc. Keylite designed an electric system that would fulfil all their needs.


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