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Torrens Phase, Belfast

Torrens Phase, BelfastContractor
Fold Housing Association

Products Used
15 no. Triple vertical Bi lite 06 *950 deep* middle window tilt and turn, outer windows tilt only special break glass unit for key for middle window & 30 no. CP04


Fold housing association architects worked on this project, originally it wasn’t specified Keylite. However we worked with the architect to offer them their exact spec with a considerable cost saving.Once we were awarded the project we were able to work closely with the sale foreman and buyers to provide solutions to on site requests,

For instance the middle window in the vertical was to be tilt & turn, however when the local building control officer came to assess the houses, he was concerned for the children’s safety. The contractor had the idea to put a lock in the handle’s, however due to the fact they were to be used as fire escape window’s, they were unsure. Also the handles did not come with locks as they were not specified.

We were able to provide on request a handle which locked and came with a key. We also provided a break glass unit in which they key could be stored. This would mean that the key would be lost and would always be accessable in the event of a fire.